Radio Musicians-Gear

The Goal

When speaking to musicians about their compositions,
most faces turn sad. ja man (they go), wrote a lot of tunes -
nice ones, people like them, but i'm not able to pay a production and
i cannot find a record company or publisher. And a bit angry :... they even do
not answere when you send them some stuff...!
Or (they say), we have produced our music, but the sales are not too fantastic..
I guess everybody here knows what i'm talking about, so
i don't have to dig in the why's and so on.

We thought hard about a solution to help musicians worldwide to harvest the fruits
of their work, even if they do not know how to handle cubase.

How did they make pop music known in the good old times ?
You got it : With radio braodcast.

So Radio Musicians-Gear was born.Set up different to other stations of that kind,
we broadcast a constant music and information stream. Site visitors do not have
to klick themselves trough different files. Just easy listening.

We want you all now - amateurs and professionals - to participate to this great project,
which hopefully arouses attention of listners willing to buy your mp3,
(we figured out 95 euro cents per track would be ok),
and of record-companies and the "capital" willing to invest in you.
It does not matter if the song is not recorded or produced in high quality.
But it must be a "real piece of your heart".
We will build up a database of your songs and a searchable data-base which
is split in genre and performed instrument, which exposes you as a musician with a set card.
If this web site is accepted (one never know..), we will build up a map split in countries,
regions and cities. Local booking would be easy - a great advertisement for the artist.
We target also at companies looking for song-material to run their own company radio
who will licence your compositions for that purpose.

And we will play every day the very best on the station.

The storagespace is free of charge.
Please apply here to be included in data base.

© by Musicians-Gear 2007