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Artist: Music of Glass
Country, Town : Sweden ,Stockholm
Nationality : Swedish
Email: see web site
Genre : Pop,
Instrument: Vocals, Piano
Booking: self, by e-mail
Range : World-Wide
Prices : On demand

About me and my artwork:

Glass started out as a band during the winter of 2004. Henning met Robert through some of their mutual friends, and through his gut feeling he asked if he liked to start a band with him after meeting shortly a couple of times. They quickly recorded 7 of Henning's original compositions to become a demo in Roberts flat and then arranged the songs together. Something that turned out to be melodic pop with influences from all kinds of music they liked. Influenced by the American songwriter tradition with a touch of 60s brittish pop and jazz.

The year of 2005 started out great for them by becoming the demoband of the week in february at They also were played on a couple of radio stations, in Canada and in Sweden. About the same time as this happended they decided to make an album. In february 2006, after year of recording and mixing, the recording was done - Life lines.

Life lines

Life lines is their debut album, an album that is a bit similiar to the bumblebee that really can't fly but it does anyway. This album couldn't really exist if it wouldn't have been for all the amazing people involved in it, contributing with their time and knowledge to make it happen. The money never was there to backup nor a big label to support. They took small steps and used all of their means to make this album as genuin as possible, with no leading directions from anyone else except themselves and their helpful friends. It turned out with great result, this record really flies!