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Artist: Paul Fogarty
Country, Town : Germany/Waldenbuch
Nationality : Australien.

Since his debut album in 2001, Australian roots, folk-pop and urban-folk artist Paul Fogarty has wowed music fans
and audiences around the globe with his genre-breaking original songs, vocals, and emotionally-charged live performances.
Paul is a prolific songwriter-poet in the tradition of Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen and Townes Van Zandt with over 1000 original songs to his credit.
His song writing and musical grounding stand side-by-side with influences based in roots, blues, alt-country, folk, Americana, jazz, R&B, rock, pop, new journalism and poetry.
He has released three independent albums - Breathe (2001), Stagefright (2003), and Born Naked (2006) with all 38 songs receiving radio airplay on AM and FM radio in Australia.
Paul has headlined at The Herzgruen Festival in Berlin, Club Acoustica in Sydney, the Gubu Club in Dublin, Wartburg Bush Festival, Sindelfinger International Street Festival, and played by invitation at the prestigious Blue Balls Festival in Luzern, Switzerland and the Sound of the Forest Festival in Germany.
His open-veined honesty has won him support spots for two-time Grammy winners Arrested Development, Richard Clapton, KarmaCounty, James Blundell, Nick Barker and even glam rock gods - Status Quo
As a live performer Paul's authentic lyrics and passionate delivery are enhanced by his dead-pan humour and natural stage presence.
Paul's songs speak to love, truth, hypocrisy, greed, equality, freedom, isolation, pain and hope.
He plays acoustic guitar (in numerous tunings), Weissenbourne lap slide guitar, six-string ukulele, stomp box, blues harp, straight harp, piano, keyboards, foot percussion.
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