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To make life more complicated, european law-guy's invented in 1995 a law to protect strong brands from transhipping.No enduser would ever imagin that something like that exists.The bulky german comment of Mr. Fezer says in short, that a product with a brand-name on, which was brought outside European Market in free circulation, reactivates it's brand protection when entering European Community, imported by a company, if the brand is also registered in Europe. The brand owner can stop the paralell import, sue the non-brand-owner and confiscate the imported merchandise. This seems completely against consumer interests, as mostly the merchandise is cheaper in usa (for example). But there is a chance for you: The law says also, that an individual is allowed to import that type of merchandise for his personal use. As many of you might not know reliable sources in usa to buy and self-import, musicians-gear groupe installed this platform for you, to execute that kind of business.

All prices are in EURO without VAT. If you place an order, you will recieve an invoice from Dubai. The merchandise will be send to you by ups or post if possible, and ups clears custom for you (with post you have to do it by yourselves) You have to pay the import duty and the vat of your country when you recieve the merchandise to ups or the post office. Please read also our import-guide Within USA the purchase of goods is treated like a regular purchase without state-tax.(see pricelist header if within usa shipping is possible. If the merchandise is coming from elsewhere , it's a regular import.

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